Barney Indoor Sports

The primary function of the Barney Family Sports Complex is to serve the recreational, fitness, wellness and athletic needs of members and area residents, as well as clubs and organizations that rent space in the facility. The following rules and regulations are in place to ensure the smooth operation of our facility and to support the positive social interaction of all who use it.

Insurance & Waivers

  • All participants—including trainers, coaches and staff—must submit appropriate waiver forms to BFSC prior to facility use.
  • All participants recognize, understand, and agree that the BFSC assumes no responsibility or liability, for any damage or injury that may occur during rented use of the facility.
  • All teams and facility rentals must have a responsible representative over 21 years of age present at all activities.
  • For League/Rental Participation: BFSC Liability Waiver.
  • For Event/Party Participation: BFSC Event Liability Waiver.


  • The scheduling of all events is based on facility availability.
  • All requests will be considered on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Once confirmed, no reservation may be changed without the permission of the BFSC.
  • The BFSC has the right to deny or limit scheduling/rental requests based on conflicts that arise pertaining to the BFSC’s own programming, training and/or facility use.


  • Full payment is due upon enrollment in any individual membership program or event.
  • A 50% deposit is required for confirmation of all rental agreements.
  • Balance of payment is due prior to use; no rental, program, or event may take place until full payment has been received.


  • Upon receipt of deposit payment, as required above, any cancellation within 30 days of confirmed rental, event or program will result in loss of deposit. Deposit is non-refundable.

Open Court / Field Time

  • There are NO open court or field times other than those designated by the BFSC (see hours).
  • All participants under the age of 18 must be checked in by a parent or guardian.


  • No cleats are permitted in the facility. Sneakers, running shoes or turf shoes are all acceptable.
  • No high heels, hard-soled shoes, or work boots are allowed on playing surfaces.
  • No skateboards are allowed on premises.

Sports Equipment

  • No personal or individual sports balls will be allowed in the Field House other than those supplied by coaches.
  • Coaches are responsible for limiting the use of equipment to participants inside the rink only.
  • Playing off the walls inside and surrounding the BFSC is not permitted.
  • The BFSC will provide all balls and equipment needed for activities, unless otherwise approved with the BFSC staff prior to activity.
  • All special requests should be submitted to the BFSC staff at the time of the rental request and confirmation or in a timely fashion prior to use.
  • No sports equipment use is permitted in the lobby, food court or parking lot.
  • Coaches, trainers, managers, group leaders, parents and guardians will be held responsible for the actions of all associated players, participants, family members and friends.
  • Any sports equipment used in a manner other than it is intended will be confiscated and will not be returned.
  • Warnings will be issued for violations and/or disruptive behavior. Failure to comply may result in being asked to leave without refund.

Prohibited Substances / Activities

  • Absolutely no smoking, alcohol or drug use and/or illegal activities are permitted on the BFSC premises—indoors or out. Violators will be removed immediately and associated memberships, sports rentals or activities will be denied without refund.
  • Any player, representative, trainer, participant, parent/guardian or guest found to be in evidence of questionable behavior or conduct toward another other player, representative, participant, parent/guardian or guest will be removed from the premises at the BSFC’s discretion without compensation.
  • No spitting is allowed.
  • No pets, except for guide dogs, will be allowed on the premises.
  • No glass products are allowed in the BFSC facility.
  • Team representatives are responsible for maintaining and enforcing BFSC policies and rules.
  • Any repeated offenses may result in removal from the facility without compensation.

Food & Drinks
No FOOD or DRINKS in sports rinks

  • Water and Sports Drinks ONLY are permitted past concessions counter.
  • No seeds, gum or candy are permitted in sports rinks.
  • All teams are responsible for clean-up and maintenance of the areas they use.
  • Violations of the Food and Drink Policy may result in immediate removal from the facility.                  
  • Any repeated offenses may result in removal from the facility without compensation.

Lost & Found

  • The BFSC is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal items.
  • The BFSC will maintain a Lost and Found area, but will not be responsible for items left longer than 24 hours.
  • Items in the Lost and Found area that are not claimed within one week may be donated to charity.


  • Any and all complaints must be submitted to theBFSC staff in writing.
  • Complaint forms are available in the Membership office.
  • The BFSC will make timely decisions based on information provided.
  • All BFSC decisions will be final.

Injuries & Medical Emergencies

  • In the case of an emergency please seek a BFSC staff member.
  • In the event that a parent/guardian or representative cannot be reached, the BFSC reserves the right to seek emergency care, including ambulance assistance or hospital care as deemed necessary under the circumstances.
  • All emergency care costs are the sole responsibility of parents/guardians.

*The Barney Family Sports Complex reserves the right to add and change rules and policies when necessary.*

Rules & Policies