Welcome to The Barney Family Sports Complex!


The Barn is a family oriented sports facility, part of the Barney Family Sports Complex. As a family organization, we are here to provide an environment for positive sporting activity. A place where the underlying rules are play hard, play fair, and positively encourage teammates, friends, and opponents to do the same. So from our family to yours, have fun and enjoy the experience.


Register Now for Our Youth Programs!

Youth Soccer League Starts November 5th

Volleyball Open Gyms Start October 3rd


  • General Drop-In $10 - Call ahead of time for availability
  • Monday Night Hockey $10 - Call-in Monday morning after 9 am to reserve your spot
  • Saturday Night Co-Ed Soccer (25 yrs+) $5 - Call-in Friday morning after 9 am to reserve your spot
  • Call the Barn for availability


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